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Christmas Decoration Ideas

Take a look at our Christmas decoration ideas below and find inspiration for your own design!

Christmas decorations
Get decorating for the festive season

If you're looking for some new, creative Christmas decoration ideas that won't damage your walls, we have you covered. Command™ Hooks will hold strongly in place all season but remove cleanly when you it's time to take your decorations down.

Browse our festive Christmas decoration ideas

Christmas and Seasonal Decorating has never been so easy. Perfect for hanging string lights, stockings, or a showstopping wall or window display, Command™ Strips allow you to be as creative as you like - without damaging your walls. They will hold fast all season, inside and out, but, when the decorations come down - Command™ does too! Simply stretch off the strip, and release, with no marks or damage. Amazing!

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4 ways to hang your Christmas decorations!

  • Command™ Clear Hooks are ideal for discreet decorating thanks to transparent hooks and strips, so you can really make your decorations stand out! Use on painted walls and smooth surfaces - not for use on wallpaper.

  • Command™ Decorative Hooks are metal and faux metal hooks that add the finishing touch to wreaths, stockings and heavier decorations. Leave up all year or take down when the festive season is over.

  • Command™ Outdoor Hooks
    Command™ Outdoor Hooks

    Command™ Outdoor Hooks are water and weather resistant hooks that are ideal for hanging lights and outdoor decorations on UPVC, glass and finished wood!

Create your own space-saving Christmas tree!

Illuminate living room walls and any other space where there isn’t enough room for a Christmas tree, by using Command™ Clear Hooks and Decorating Clips to create this beautiful, alternative Christmas tree using fairy lights. Follow the steps below to bring your alternative Christmas decoration ideas to life!

  • ScotchBlue™ tape on wall with Command™ clear hooks
    Step 1

    Using ScotchBlue™ or a delicate surface masking tape, mark out your template on the wall for perfect symmetry. Using Command™ Clear Decorating Clips, Command™ Clear Mini Hooks place your hooks along the diagonal edges and corners. Carefully remove the masking tape, peeling at an angle.

  • Command™ clear hooks hanging Christmas lights and baubles on wall
    Step 2

    Taking your string lights, thread them around the hooks to create your Christmas tree shape. Add extra hooks where you want to place your largest baubles.
    Tip: if you are using battery operated lights, Command™ Picture Hanging Strips are ideal for hanging the battery box on the wall, and can be easily detached to replace the batteries.

  • Christmas tree on wall decoration idea using Command™ clear hooks
    Step 3

    Add extra baubles and decorations paying attention to the holding power of Command™ Hooks. If you want to make a change simply stretch the strip downwards slowly and against the wall.

  • Christmas tree on wall decoration idea
    Step 4

    Personalise your tree with your favourite decorations to suit your décor. Adding trinkets or advent surprises. Experiment with different shapes and templates!

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Top tips for Christmas decorating with Command™ Hooks

  • Person hanging Christmas decoration on wall

    Ensure surfaces are dry and free from dust, damp or condensation. Once positioned, wait 1 hour before rehanging your decoration to give the adhesive time to bond.

  • Person hanging Christmas decoration battery pack on wall

    Command™ Picture Hanging Strips hold strongly and are perfect for battery boxes. With dual lock fastening they can be easily detached for battery replacement!

  • Christmas decorations hanging on wall with Command™ clear hook

    Use the right type of hook and strip for the weight and type of decoration used. All packaging clearly shows holding power and strip type.

  • Person removing a Command™ hook from wall

    When removing Command™ Clear Strips stretch the strip down SLOW and STRAIGHT against the wall. Following the first stretch, grasp the strip higher up for the next pull. Always hold onto the hook until strip releases.

What are the benefits of hanging lights and decorations with Command™ Hooks?

  • No tools required icon
    No tools required.

    No drills or tools required! Command™ Strips can be used on a variety of smooth surfaces including painted walls, tile, glass and wood. Our water resistant and outdoor strips can be used in all weathers and conditions.

  • Weight icon
    Holds strongly.

    Command™ Strips use a clever adhesive that holds strongly for as long as you need, then removes cleanly. Remember to wait one hour for the adhesive to bond and check the hooks weight limit on the pack!

  • Command removal icon
    Removes cleanly.

    Easy to remove - damage free! Simply stretch off to remove cleanly with no holes, marks or mess. Remember to pull the tab straight down slowly for damage free removal.

  • 3M lockup logo
    3M technology.

    Command™ Strips combine a number of trusted 3M technologies, to give you a high performance products for all your organising and decorating needs.

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